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Pisces rules non-verbal communication, the reason so many Pisces work happily as artists, musicians, dancers, sculptors, poets, makeup artists, costume designers, photographers, filmmakers, and in other areas of the arts. As a Pisces, you may also have been drawn to social work, nursing, psychology, therapy, as well as not-for-profit charity work, fundraising, and other areas where you feel you can make a difference to individuals, one-on-one.

Creative, imaginative, compassionate, selfless—you are one of a kind. When it comes to dressing, a Pisces woman will add her own special touch, often blending high-and-low clothing to create an unstructured and flowing look. You also might enjoy mixing elegant, carefully chosen vintage into your wardrobe for individuality.

Your overall style is soft, with feminine fabrics, often made of silk or chiffon, layers of transparency, or evening dresses with romantic, sweetheart necklines or interesting sleeves.

Shoes are extremely important to Pisces—she has many pairs of designer wear, for Pisces rules the feet—but usually will wear the same pair day after day, as those will be her most comfortable! You may also like a vintage piece. Pisces is considered the last sign of the zodiac, symbolizing the depths of winter with the following sign, Aries, as the first, symbolizing the start of spring.

By Pisces, we find ourselves hoping spring is within reach, even though Mother Nature has given us no sure evidence that it is right around the next corner.

Pisces full moon horoscopes: September 8-14

The fruits and other provisions that had been carefully canned in the pantry or frozen for future use months ago are now are low, the reason Pisces is associated with the concept of fasting and for going off alone for meditation, prayer, and all things spiritual and religious that lead to enlightenment. Sagittarius rules the intellectual probing of dogma of religion, while Pisces rules pure belief that accompanies religion, and that springs from the heart.

It is interesting to note that the ancient astrologers wrote that each sign builds on the contributions of each of the signs that came before it. In the case of Pisces, you are a compilation of all eleven signs that run from Aries through Aquarius, and adding your own perspective is said to make Pisces the sign of ultimate wisdom, faith, and hope. Pisces rules the sea where there can be no fences. According to Joseph Campbell, the sea symbolizes the collective unconscious, where the dreams of all peoples of every time and era, race, nationality, religion, and economic strata mingle as one.

This is the essence of Pisces—to see mankind as essentially united, feel the suffering of each, and be moved to help. The need to relieve suffering in others is strong in your sign, not only among people you love and care about, but also for complete strangers, and friends are often shocked at how quickly you respond. I will be right over.

If a Pisces comes to realize they have been taken for granted, especially in a relationship, the little Fish will swim to a warmer place in the sea, never to return. Once you have lost your Pisces, you have no hopes of your Fish ever returning. Sex for a Pisces is a deep experience, not to be taken lightly.

Mars crosses your one-on-one angle on March 5, nudging you to pair up—including other individuals in your activities whenever possible. While Mars is in this house, two is definitely more fun than one, no matter what you're doing.

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For couples, this is a good month to get grievances out in the open and work on fighting fair, and March 24, 26, and 29 are great days for dealing with a conflict amicably. Venus's climb to the top of your chart on the 12th could lead you to become attracted to an older man or a power player in the coming weeks. If that's the case, be careful not to romanticize his air of authority on the 20th, when a Venus-Neptune encounter makes you particularly susceptible to falling for a resume rather than a man. The lunar eclipse on March 23 gives you an urge to have fun and express your feelings, but it could also bring a love affair to a dramatic climax; don't take the bait unless you know a breakup is due.

Jupiter's meetings with Pluto and Saturn on the 16th and 23rd underscore that your emotional growth can transform your relationships and that building a secure connection with someone—and a sense of security within yourself—is worth the work. A solar eclipse in your outlook zone on March 8 collaborates with Pluto in your partnership angle, coaxing you to adopt a positive new belief that fosters your growth and has a transformative effect on your relationships.

Writing a mantra or creating a Pinterest board that reinforces your optimism might be useful. Venus lingers in your depth corner early in the month, so you're more in the mood for a close relationship than a casual hookup, but after she segues into your exploration sector on the 12th, love gets more adventurous.

If you're single, now's the time to venture outside your comfort zone. Ask yourself whom you'd go for if you stopped playing it so safe. You don't need to start dating bad boys, but taking a chance on a guy you think is too young for you or someone who lives far away would be worth your while. If you're in a relationship, shared undertakings such as a trip or a tough mudder will bring you closer, particularly on March 20 and 26 when Venus vibes with unifying Neptune and powerful Pluto. And if you're hoping to meet a fresh prospect, traveling and enjoying new experiences are apt to put you in the right place at the right time.

The sun—your ruling planet—remains in your sharing sector until March 19, and on the 8th, it aligns with the moon, forming a solar eclipse. This eclipse could give your sex life a jump-start, or it may simply convince you that no matter how determined you are to fulfill your own potential and be self-sufficient, you still want to share your life with someone. A strong need for closeness might generate some tension inside you if you're still licking your wounds from a past relationship.


Susan Miller Horoscope – Astrology King

But Venus is dancing between your partnership angle and your sharing sector all month, reinforcing that craving for companionship. Plus Mars's arrival in your pleasure corner pushes you to be proactive and go after what makes you happy. Finding love—or keeping the flame burning—may feel like a lot of work at times, and that reality is likely to hit home this month. A relationship that's undefined or in transition could feel particularly difficult, especially on March 5, 14, and 25 when the complexities of give-and-take are exacerbated.

But days like March 2, 6, 24, and 26 will hopefully show you that whether you're attached or unattached, having the courage to invest in other people is worth the risk. With half the planets zipping through your partnership house throughout the month, your one-on-one connections are front and center. The moon, Mercury and Venus encounter Neptune in that house on the 8th, 10th, and 20th, creating confusion in your interactions or leading you to idealize a person or a relationship. But those meetings could also spark caring, compassion and romance with your significant other or someone new.

And a solar eclipse there on March 8 hints at a new relationship coming down the pike or a current relationship moving to the next level. The eclipse is clicking and clashing with a few other planets, implying that your personal journey both enhances and complicates your closest bonds.

The theme of feeling free to move on with your life—and choosing to do so alone or with a partner—is highlighted. Try to understand how unresolved feelings, old behavior patterns and your family history impact your rapport with others. You're growing in leaps and bounds but may be struggling to unload emotional baggage. Confiding in someone on the 24th and 29th will be cathartic. On the 16th, embracing change can give you a profound sense of pleasure, and sharing your joie de vivre will double it. Seize any opportunity for spontaneous fun and romance on March 2, when Venus and Uranus mesh in your play and relationship zones.

Pisces Horoscope for September 12222

The sun and Mercury cross your others angle on the 19th and 21st, encouraging you to do what comes naturally: devote much of your energy to one-on-one connections. Contemplating who you are when you're with other individuals and crafting a role that you're happier with are worthwhile endeavors now, and you might have a breakthrough on March 23, 24, or 26 when the sun and Mercury gel with each other and with Mars in your thinking-and-talking sector.

Weekly Horoscope for Pisces by Deborah Browning:

Mars moves into that house on the 5th for a two-month stay, motivating you to assert yourself more. Since your sign has a tendency to weigh options and try to stay in others' good graces, you're not always so direct. With Mars here, you can work on aligning your words and your actions.

For Pisces 2016 will be a landmark year

On the 23rd, a Libra lunar eclipse elicits strong emotions and may trigger tension in a relationship. This would be a good time to practice stating your feelings as matter-of-factly as you can. Make a note of what feels like too much or what appears to be past its expiration date—then consider cutting it out of your life. Although Mars leaves Scorpio on March 5—taking your drive down a notch—several planets visit your fulfillment house this month, inspiring you to enjoy life and express your personality.

The solar eclipse there on the 8th could trigger a longing for love and foreshadow a new attraction or a welcome infusion of romance in an existing relationship. Striving to meet other people's expectations or aspiring to achieve new goals could compete with your impetus to ensure your own happiness.

Personal or financial insecurity might also detract from a desire to date or have more fun. But if you can tap into your strong will and empowered mindset, they'll give you momentum. Venus graces that same house from March 12 until April 5, helping you to be very much yourself with someone you're interested in or involved with and to convey the warmth that may not always come across.

On the 20th, you might not be sure how much of what you're feeling and experiencing is real, and it could be tricky on the 26th to find a good balance between enthusiasm and pragmatism—all thanks to Venus's run-ins with Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn.

For Pisces, 2018 will be all about inspiration and great visions

But she connects with Pluto on March 26, giving you a better understanding—and words for—what's in your heart. Mars charges into Sagittarius on March 5, motivating you to go after what you want in the next several weeks.


You should feel quite capable of asserting your own interests, especially on the 24th and 26th, when Mars clicks with planets in your fulfillment zone. If you're single and into someone, flirting and asking out your crush will likely pay off on those days. And even if they don't, you'll feel good about playing the pursuer instead of waiting for something to happen. Planets in your home and career angles spar with Mars and Saturn in your sign on March 5, 14, 23, and 25, upping the friction that comes from trying to balance a busy life.

But with Saturn going retrograde for almost five months starting on the 25th, it's a good idea to take your foot off the gas from time to time and consider where you're headed. A solar eclipse in your foundation angle on March 8 and Venus's arrival there on March 12 push you to enjoy the comforts of home more.

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